#1 is SAFETY

Find out why is your SAFETY is our highest concern? We would not give you medical care that we have not given to our own family!

  • At George Medical Getaway, we believe in the promise of a better tomorrow and we are keen on helping our clients get here. We help patients get a quicker solution towards pain free happy lives with advanced medical treatments is our goal by connecting them with a global health network of world-class, highly skilled medical professionals and 21st century, state-of-the-art medical facilities who provide affordable diagnostic and surgical procedures without any agonizing delays is possible! Comprehensive follow up care in your home country after return is recommended and we assist with all arrangements.
    • Rigorous & Strenuous Selection Process
      As an independent medical facilitation service, we have rigorously searched and researched for the finest hospital and medical facilities -only choosing the leading surgeons and facilities in their respective fields. Malaysia’s offers the “best and most affordable healthcare”, with high quality care, lower costs and shorter recovery time that have resulted in the number of foreign travellers seeking medical care in Malaysia to double to around 930,000 per year within the span of six years. The Surgeons, Physicians, and Medical Professionals we work with are highly qualified and are internationally and nationally credentialed either in the USA, Europe, India, or other western countries like Canada. Our associate hospitals are among the largest and most trusted accredited health service providers in the world. They have served millions of patients from around the globe with excellent outcomes.

      At GMG, we have sought out the finest and most qualified doctors with international reputations in all disciplines working with internationally standardised and accredited, 21st century high-technology, state-of-the-art facilities housed with Asian hospitality and coupled with teams of well-trained nurses and other health workers distinguished by their expertise globally.

    • Quality Deals & Discounts

      The private health care system in Malaysia is largely dependent on good relationships between providers and facilitators through quality negotiators. The government’s price cap allows private healthcare providers to focus its competition on quality rather than general prices. As our client, you will enjoy the benefits of our good relationship with the state-of-the-art hospital, medical facilities, and highly specialized doctors and medical professionals. We will negotiate on your behalf with hospitals and facilities to get you the ‘best value deals’ and various other discounts with tertiary care such as dental services, diagnostic treatments, health spas, tourism agents, restaurants, etc.
    • Single-tier Pricing with Massive Savings
      Whether you are from Malaysia or abroad, we offer the same prices, discounts and deals to all our clients. We are committed in delivering a value propositions by making use of a global healthcare delivery network, thus, modernizing your healthcare delivery services. We are dedicated in creating quality care and transparent services with our network of providers by giving our clients the opportunity to customize a treatment package to realize savings and receive global health care through our medical facilitation services.
    • Continuity of Care
      If you think about how your healthcare is delivered, it’s on an ad hoc basis. You go into a hospital or a clinic, then you go into a pharmacy, you meet a doctor. But beyond those touchpoints, the patients are on their own. There’s no real continuity of care. That’s not how we like to do things at George Medical Getaway. With us, you get treated like family! No cutting corners, no cheap services or packages, no easy-way-out, we offer an exceptionally high quality service ensuring our clients get a complete and comprehensive from start to finish, at ONLY INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED & ACCREDITED AND PATIENT RECOMMENDED FACILITIES. On returning to your home country after treatment, if needed, we will arrange regular follow ups with local physicians or keep in close contact with you and your family physician to ensure that your recovery is smooth and satisfactory.
    • Safety
      Your safety is our first priority as we meticulously emphasize your needs and wants to ensure that your medical getaway is one that has great value and low-risks. Subject to terms and conditions, we extend the GMG guarantee to our clients; we will not let you do anything we would not let our own family do and we will not leave you hanging if things go wrong. We promise to try our level best to ensure that you are safe and will be by your side to help you with your troubles. Enjoy a specifically tailored private getaway without the hassle and stress of having to research and plan the whole process. We help arrange and organize all our clients needs and wants, by allowing our clients to pick the treatments and procedures, the facilities and doctors, and the total time away and level of accommodation they prefer.
    • Exotic Locales & Attractive Pricing
      Recuperate and rejuvenate in private and without stress. Our holistic post-operative care programmes will ensure that you can recover in some of the world’s most exotic locations. Your options are endless; enjoy the jewels of Malaysia such as white-sandy beaches, unparalleled shopping, unforgettable adventures, luxurious living, food, food, and more food, and sights like you have never seen before!

      Good health is a personal investment, and it requires an integrated and holistic approach. We offer our clients the chance to feel revitalized, rejuvenated, reborn, and refreshed. We provide full support and offer a host of services to assists you for the duration of your getaway. Be prepared for 5-star treatment and services, as we help ensure that you will receive a better outcome abroad than you would ever get from surgery at home. Top to that off, Malaysia has some of the most affordable care in the world married with favourable exchange rates. When it comes to healthcare, your zip code matters more than your genetic code, and for once, low-cost does not mean lower quality -but instead, it means more bang for your buck for better services! 

    • 24/7 Assistance and Exceptional Support
      At GMG, we help clients from all over the world find a world-class surgeon in Malaysia that meets our highly rigid and rigorous standards based off internationally recognized standards. Our staff is dedicated to providing every one of our clients exceptional services. We work very hard to provide support and assistance to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, beginning with our live chat services. Email us, call us, chat with us, find us on Facebook, and even Skype us, we are here to serve you. We go the extra mile to make sure that our clients are being treated better than the rest. We ensure that your recovery process is as painless and unproblematic as possible, and are always around to help if otherwise.
  • Our success comes from our service and our staff’s dedication. We pride ourselves in providing our clients a very high quality service that allows them to connect to the most professional and experienced hospitals and surgeons, and have a network of other professionals to provide other beauty and pampering packages. Our care and attention, the highest qualified surgeons and a beautiful, private location is the formula you need to get the best results for a wonderful new you.

    We provide all the arrangements and services so you don’t have to do anything. From all pre-surgery advice and consultation, to transfers and representation at the hospital and hotel, we will be there to assist you. Considering medical tourism? View our packages which can be tailored to what you want, or enquire now- let us know what you are considering and we will get back to you with more information and a quote.

    Benefits of being a GMG Medical Tourist:Simply put, we won’t let our clients do, live, or be anywhere our mother would not be in and everyone is treated like a member of the family, with compassion and love rather than $$$. We are our clients best measure of quality and experience control in Malaysia -not only do we ensure their requests and needs are being met, we do so while maintaining their security and help them deal with the issues, if any, when they arise.

    Our clients range from the young – to gain confidence and inner beauty – to the mature person – to revive body and soul and shine once again.

    Women, as well as men seek our excellent experience and services, and all are looking for privacy and a holiday to relax to get the maximum results at a much cheaper price than they would pay at home.

    We cater for all countries, all nationalities. Typically, our market is where our representatives are located- including Australia, UK, Indonesia, Canada, and the Middle East.

  • Halal medical services consist of medicine to be used without alcohol & pig ingredients, serving of Halal food in hospital during treatment and fixing a place with timetable of Salat. As muslims make up approximately 60% of Malaysia’s population, and Malaysia uses Muslim approved medical procedures, we are the up and coming crown jewel national for medical tourist of all creeds as we can cater to a very diverse clientele. Being Malaysians, we understand the needs of and offers a great deal of halal medicare to those who are seeking medical treatment abroad by making available and catering to our muslim brothers and sister who require Halal compliance services. Our multicultural society allows us to fully serve the needs and wants from people from all walks of life with ease. We have special packages and criterions At George Medical Getaway, we stand by the service that we offer. We believe our first responsibility is to our client, beginning well before they come to Malaysia for treatment and ending long after they have returned home. We only choose quality services to maximize our clients satisfaction. George Medical Getaway provides our clients with the ease of mind and assurances that they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk by travelling overseas for surgery.

    You will be advised that risks are inherently associated with any surgery, and that clients should be fully informed of those risks prior to electing to undertake surgery anywhere, even at home or abroad.. Information on surgical, anaesthetic and other risks are detailed in our information pamphlets on procedures which are available from George Medical Getaway. Clients should also fully discuss these risks with their consulting surgeon.

    Managing our clients expectations is one of our top priority. Nobody likes to feel disappointed, but sometimes unrealistic expectations can hamper patients’ satisfaction post-surgery. If clients are healthy without prior medical conditions and have realistic expectations, follow their surgeon’s advice and recovery instructions, then clients should be pleased with their results. If, in the case that a problem does arise as a direct result of the surgery or hospital admission that requires revision surgery, George Medical Getaway has a return policy and review process.

    As we guide you, we also ask for your help to help yourself with your recovery. If you travel with us for surgery, and accept our advice, your risks will be minimized and you should be very happy with your results.