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Our story begins over 25 years ago, when our CEO, Dr. Benjamin George decided to transform the way plastic surgery was being delivered by emphasizing ‘care’ in health care. Being one of Malaysia’s renowned Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons and an avid family man, he sought out to make every one of his patients feel like family.

With George Medical Getaway, we are determined to bring back the same exceptional care in every aspect of a medical tourist health and medical journey. From the get go, our holistic approach ensures every patient is treated with exceptional customer services, and is receiving world class health and wellness treatments aided by exceptional medical service providers. At GMG, no one is a stranger. We embrace the uniqueness of each client and try our very best to cater to their specific needs, wants, and characteristics.

George Medical Getaway seeks to quench the dire thirst for more efficient, high quality health care services at lower prices. We seek to make this vision a success by marrying the global demand for health care with the skill and cost of healthcare in Malaysia, the international medical tourism destination of 2015 and 2016.

Then we started talking: what if we could find people healthcare services that were cost effective whilst emphasized quality without sacrificing consistency? So we decided to make that happen for our clients. Because we don’t believe that you should have to choose between exceptional quality and cost-effective services.

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We Take Care Of Your Needs

Amongst other reasons why people choose George Medical Getaway is our established relationships with various health and non-medical services providers that allow us to offer our clients the most competitive, comprehensive package in a gorgeous locale. 

We grant individuals from all around the world access to Malaysia’s top quality health care system for any healthcare and/or medical related services they require. 

George Medical Getaway partners with services providers renowned for their excellent quality, affordable prices and superior care. Our aim to facilitate a globally integrated health delivery by making use of a wealth of integrated service provider networks available.

We have thoroughly research and selected the highest quality, internationally trained and accredited surgeons and hospitals. We work with highly qualified and experienced healthcare providers, agents, and medical professionals to provide an all-inclusive Health & Medical Travel Services. 

Our clients are ensured to experience excellent medical care whilst enjoying their holiday in Malaysia through our partnerships with highly experienced specialists and medical professionals aided by state-of-the-art medical facilities equipped with highly sophisticated medical equipment.


We cater to every need!

24/7 Customer Service

Personal Care Manager

Logistical Management

Translation Services

Travel & Tourism Management

Medical Services Management

Visa & Ticketing Services

Medical Travel Insurance

Currency Exchange Services

Medical Case Liaison

Telemedicine Services

Wellness Services Management

Our highly dedicated team provides complete pre-operative and postoperative care and exceptional service for your optimal recovery. George Medical Getaway provides exceptional customer care for our clients and offers superior medical and travel care with the help of our surgeons, hospitals, tourism bodies, industry affiliates, and local government.

Our Mission

To continue to establish Malaysia as the world’s best medical tourism destination for medical tourist seeking world class healthcare at affordable rates.

Our Vision

To advocate for medical equality by promoting globalized healthcare through fostering and facilitating the growth & development of the Malaysian medical tourism sector to attract a more global clientele.

Our Objective

To become a pillar of excellence in the medical tourism industry in Malaysia
To create a lasting and memorable experience combined with a luxurious stress-free vacation
To provide high quality services, from highly experienced professionals, at a fraction of international prices.

Our GMG Approach

Affordability: We connect medical tourist to very high quality medical services at remarkably fair and affordable prices
Availability: We seek to make sure that our clients get the best medical care possible, without having to compromise costs or quality
Accessibility: We ensure that client do not have to wait to get the procedures they seek by highly qualified and experienced specialists
Accountability: We take our clients comments and partners & advisors opinions seriously and act upon them to continually improve our services
Anonymity: Our clients are our priority, your privacy is very important to us
Advisability: All GMG staff members are uniquely qualified, well informed, extremely resourceful and highly skilled in client care

Our Core Goals

To breed consumer equality
To provide consistent results
To give our clients high quality services
To champion global equality via affordable health
To educated and empowered consumers
To generate consumer choice
To embody professionalism


Our team is composed of enthusiastic, highly skilled and dedicated individuals with a unified aim of making your journey a success.


Our philosophy is simple: to provide high quality and affordable healthcare in a holistic and personalized manner.


IMTJ’s Medical Travel Destination of 2015 & 2016

Medical tourism and Malaysia is a match made in heaven! An exotic locale with excellent services, Malaysia is a nation with a wide array of beauty. Divided in 13 states and 3 federal territories with beautiful cityscapes in Kuala Lumpur and Penang to cultural cities like Kelantan and Terengganu to island getaways in Redang Island, Langkawi, Perhentian Island, Sipadan Island, and more, Malaysia is not only a tourist paradise but also a medical travelers most sensible choice.

With over 4 million international medical tourists coming to Malaysia in the last 5 years, it is no wonder Malaysia is one of the Top 5 Medical Tourism destinations in the world based on quality. Our dedication to high quality services at affordable prices has been recognized internationally, which landed Malaysia the International Medical Travel Journal’s (IMTJ) ‘Medical Travel Destination of the Year’ at the Medical Travel Awards 2015 and 2016, the ‘Best Country in the World for Healthcare’ by International Living’s Global Retirement Index, and the Medical Tourism Association’s (MTA) ‘2015 Public Private Partnership Medical Travel Destination of the Year’ award at the 8th Annual World Medical Tourism and Global Healthcare Congress in Orlando, Florida.

From the ease and accessibility of Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), the overall exceptional services and world-class quality its offers, Malaysia is the sensible choice for international patients seeking treatment abroad due to its consistent provision of quality services, governmental commitment to medical tourism, favorable foreign exchange rate, multicultural society, state-of-the-art medical facilities, political stability, and reliable offering of high quality medical services by highly experienced medical specialists and professionals at affordable prices that are both safe and effective.

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