Good Looks Can Be Rewarding

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Key Points:
Beauty comes with extra perks -prettier people earn more money, find higher-earning and hotter spouses, even get better mortgage deals- it may be because they develop higher self-esteem early on in life. Ever heard the saying ‘not everything in life is fair’, well the reality is that IT PAYS TO BE PRETTY! Tall men take home the bigger paychecks while women who cake-on the make-up are perceived as the most competent.

  • $230, 000: Typical Lifetime Earnings Difference between a good looking person and an average person. An attractive worker is likely to earn 10-15% more than their unattractive co-workers.
  • $300, 000: Even in sports, good looks is vital to levels of earnings as salary increases by 8% with each standard deviations increase in facial symmetry. It is predicted that a more attractive quarterback can earn up to $300, 000 more than a normal QB. The less skilled the QB, the more their looks impact their salary.
  • $90 billion: The approximate amount of money spent on beauty products or beauty enhancing products such as luxury cars, etc. in America in 2010.
  • $40, 000: The dispersion is salary for men and women based on the differentiation in weight. A women that wears make is likely to be perceived as more competent, likeable, attractive, and trustworthy.
  • On average, an attractive person from the same social background and family-income level as an unattractive person does better off and ends up with a lifetime average salary that is $30, 000 higher.

Cause of Inequality:
Attractive people statictiscally perform better than unattractive people because of early discrimination. The developmental path of a child can affect their output in the future. This does not mean that beautiful people are innately more capable but often the positive reinforcement received from a young aged helps their development, whilst, a unattractive child may be negatively biased against -thus breeding lower self-esteem. These early subliminal messages can become self-fulfilling prophecies, and are enormously important for adults to be self-aware about the messages they communicate.

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