Your Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels Guide:

A flawless complexion can be all your with Célebre P-Cell Extracts, a superior cell-based, daily nourishing capsule with premium cell extracts for a complete age-defying experience. Extracted from sheep that have been specially raised for 40 generations, the quality placenta extracts in the Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels far exceeds the FDA’s requirement of 25 to 30 generation sheep.

Experience an essential inside-out rejuvenation that displays proven effectiveness against the sign of aging. Inspired by the life-giving aptitude of the placenta, Célebre P-Cell Extracts boasts a unique, energizing formula with anti-aging elements that are found in the placenta at their highest potency of wholesomeness and bioactivity.

Part of Cell Therapy Treatment, which is a natural revitalization anti-aging rejuvenation method pioneered in Switzerland – Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels, amongst other Célebre products, is backed with over 80 years of research and over 8 million clinical applications to date. It offers significant benefits that have been scientifically proven to be effective in delaying the human aging process.

Rapidly becoming the hub of Cell Therapy in South East Asia, Malaysia offers wellness tourists and health travelers access to Swiss cell therapy innovation without having to travel to Europe, where the cost of treatment is extremely high.

The benefits of cell therapy is graceful aging, both internally and externally.


Am I A Candidate for Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

Appropriate for anyone, anti-aging with cell therapy has no minimum age or age limit. Everyone has the equal opportunity take advantage of cell therapy treatments to look and feel young. Generally, recipients of Live Cell Therapy in Switzerland are around the age of 40 and sometimes can be over a 100 years old.

With over 80 years of intensive research and over 8 million clinical applications, Cellular Therapy has emerged to be the foremost in modern medical science. Cellular Therapy in its most rudimentary form describes the process of introducing new cells into a tissue in order to treat aging, chronic or degenerative diseases. Putting it simply, your body contains roughly four trillion cells, which are continually in use throughout your entire life. From time to time, when these cells get damaged or wear out due to age, they are replaced by new cells. While you are still young, this is an ongoing, brisk process that encourages an energetic and balanced bio-terrain. The effects of cell therapy are determined by your health, not your age.

There are very few medical reasons why you may not be a candidate to receive Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels. Your life science specialists may discuss these reasons with you if necessary.

What are the advantages of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

By revising the effects of aging tissue and enhancing vitality, Cell Therapy can preserve youthfulness and extend the human life span. Recipients of Live Cell Therapy in Switzerland, with the age of 40 to more than 100 years old, have found that they have more energy, greater strength to do more work, better memory and concentration, better recovery after traveling and have more stamina when they play sports.

Promising the most potent, natural anti-aging effect, Cellular Therapy has been in existence for thousands of years. Dating way back to 1552 BC in fact.

  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels enhances your overall health, endurance and energy levels.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels can strengthen the body’s natural detox system to improve your digestion.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels can restore your chewing efficiency so you can eat most foods with confidence and without pain.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels can repair and prevent the skin from sun damages.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels assists in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels improves the body’s general immune system thus enhancing your ability to fight illnesses.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels enhances the skin structure, firmness, and elasticity.

What are the disadvantages of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels is not a one-time treatment and is most effective when you take it over a longer period of time.
  • Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels impacts each person differently and cannot guarantee results.
  • Insurance companies do not cover most Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels, therefore, it is an out-of-pocket cost for patients.

How much are Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

If you’ve ever had a question about Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels prices, you are not alone. Trying to find out about the best price for Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels is a very common question that we receive at GMG. With all the different info on the internet, it’s an impossible task to realistically compare prices for Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels. With the 30-day packet, many patients seeking a price estimate for a full treatment do not know how long they will have to continue to eat the capsules, you need to consult a life science specialist for optimal results.

Note that these are prices provided below are for per packet of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels, lasting for a single month or 30-days.

We created the GMG Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels Guide to help you decipher the info and to help guide you in your Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels cost estimate.

What Is The Average Cost Comparison of Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels comes in a pack of 30 capsules, one for each day. Each pack of Célebre P-Cell Extracts last for 30 days, and the recommended daily dosage is one capsule per day. The average cost of Célebre P-Cell Extracts in Thailand is around ฿7000 – ฿8000 (RM 800 – RM 920). In Singapore, the average cost of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels for 30 days is S$ 400 – S$ 500 (RM 1150 – RM 1500). In the US, the minimum cost for CélebrevP-Cell Extracts Softgels, or any similar premium quality product, starts from US$ 500 (RM 1900); similarly, in Canada, the price starts from CAD$ 650 (RM 1900).

The price of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels in Malaysia is RM 800 – RM 900. The cost can vary from one facility to the next. With GMG, you will receive the lowest prices in Célebre products because we partner with the primary producer of Célebre in Asia Pacific. On average, getting your Célebre P-Cell Extracts with GMG can reap massive savings in the long-run.

  • Save 50% of the price in the US & Canada
  • Save 40% of the price in the Singapore
  • Save 10% of the price in Thailand

Note that these are prices provided below are for 30 days or 1-month cycle.

Known for our world-renowned plastic and cosmetics surgeons, one of Malaysia’s best-kept secret is our ability to spearhead medical innovation in Asia. With world-class research facilities at home and abroad, and regional neighbours like Singapore, we are positively challenged to always do better and while figuring out how to make treatments more cost-effective. With uncompromising quality, our Cell Therapy treatments have the highest quality from its raw materials to its end product -regulated to ensure the highest quality by ISO 14001, HACCP, GMP, GLP EUROCERTA, and FDA.

Traveling in Malaysia is very affordable when compared to other destinations, and the ease of access into Malaysia makes pulls medical travellers from all over the world. It is a true bargain for those looking to combine a vacation or other treatments and packages with their cell therapy treatment.

Malaysia is increasingly becoming one of the most common destination patients go for high quality, western calibre cell therapy at unbelievable prices. Gaining tracking, Malaysia is quickly becoming known for its world-class cell therapy treatments at prices much lower than most other parts of the world. Without a doubt, it is one of the world’s best destinations for cell therapy for wellness and health seeker from Singapore, Indonesia, Africa, China, the Middle East and the West, looking for trustworthy, result-driven quality treatments at affordable prices. The massive savings makes it a viable option for every patient, even if it involves a distant travel.


What is the cost structure for Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels?

The initial consultation is extremely important for those seeking to take Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels. Much of the planning for the rest of the treatment will be done at this phase. Your life science specialist will assess the length of your optimal treatment and determine your daily dosage based on your health, which is an important element of the cost of your treatment. The optimal result achieved by Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels may differ from individual to individual.

Without proper assessment, your risks the chance of undertaking or overtaking your treatment resulting in sub-optimal results, causing you to be unsatisfied and disappointed. With a proper assessment, you can ask your specialists about the quality and effectiveness of Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels without being duped by marketing gimmicks, and more importantly, ensure you are not receiving a duplicate product. You should be wary of the credibility and trustworthiness of the Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels, ensure you get it from an authorized medical professional.

It’s likely you’ll be able to combine the initial consultation and the planning of the course of your treatment with the purchase of your Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels. A typical treatment course for Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels is 3 months. However, many opt to continue treatment for longer due to the continuous anti-aging benefits.

You may continue purchasing your treatment course with the same life science without having to go through another consultation. However, you may choose to have subsequent appointments with your health professional to ensure you are taking the most effective dosage for your anti-aging needs.


Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels are a natural rejuvenation approach for your skin and body. It is the natural nourishment for the enhancement and maintenance of youthful and beautiful skin, whilst enhancing your overall well-being.

For the most effective outcomes, your lifestyle plays a very important role for your skin’s health. By having a routine sleep habit, eating healthy, being on a low to no sugar daily diet, and not smoking or drinking alcohol, you can drastically increase the effectiveness of your treatment. Additionally, exercising daily and limiting your intake of preserved foods, MSG and other chemically infested food products will also ensure you get your money’s worth.

Also, another effective practice for better outcomes with Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels is ensuring you are regularly drinking water and wearing sunblock. Célebre P-Cell Extracts Softgels acts as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle.

How long will Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels last? 

Research and documented scientific studies have proven the effectiveness and long lasting results of Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels. However, each patient is different and it is impossible to predict the effectiveness of the treatment. 

By postulating a wholesome nourishment of over 128 growth factors, dermal bio activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals naturally derived from the placenta, this revolutionary age-defying supplement has the unmatched ability to accelerate cellular renewal and repair not just skin deep, but also at the organic level of the interlinking structures of inner organs and tissues.

The recommended period for Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels is 1 capsule every day for 3 months. Subsequently, you should maintain your intake by consuming capsules 2 to 3 times per week. However, if you decide to stop, many previous clients have said their skins remained super soft and the anti-aging effects left them better than they were before.

How to make the Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels treatment cost-worthy? 

Célebre’s P-Cell Extracts Softgels shares the same perfection of Célebre Dual-Factor that preserves the complete bioactivity of cellular ingredients in their purest form, guaranteeing maximum absorption in the intestinal tract for complete nourishment. Peerless and unrivaled, this superior nutritional supplement prepares you to undertake daily activities with optimal energy levels and health, whilst luxuriating the skin and complexion with exquisite radiance, so that the timeless beauty of famed celebrities is perfectly embodied.

In general, you can add to your cost-savings by skipping the unnecessary luxuries. Thankfully, the vast variety of extremely tasty, but low-cost food allows you to enjoy a flavourful dining experience without breaking your budget.

Don’t try to save money by going to a lower quality placenta supplements, it is more pain than benefit as sub-optimal results can affect your confidence and trust in cell therapy. Trust your instincts and go with a professional you trust.

In general, reducing traveling expenses is the easiest way to save on your total cost. There are a lot of free resources online that can help you save money, or you can use a medical tourism facilitator like GMG who has connection to travel agents with discounted airfares due to a larger buying power. If you are booking your flight by yourself, services such as Expedia and Google Flights can help you save on travel costs by tracking and comparing the prices of different flights. Lastly, traveling during peak season, especially near major holidays, will increase the associated cost to dental implants, making it more expensive than traveling during less popular times. You can also save on accommodations by using similar services for hotels.

Generally, for patients will stock up on their supplement thus avoiding the need to travel for more capsules. It’s a good idea to do as many monthly packets as possible at a time to avoid additional office visits. Additionally you can contact GMG to buy more from our store, where we partner with medical providers to ensure you get the right dosage and capsules.

Sometimes, depending on the brand names of the different P-Cell Extracts, the price may change. Higher quality yields better results, but it also has a lot to do with your individual situation.

Your general health and how complicated the surgery will be is another important consideration. Professionals will typically charge higher fees if there are other medical complications they need to worry about.