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Is Medical Tourism Right For You?

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Why Should You Be A Medical Tourist?

Medical Tourism
As if needing medical care is not enough, having to plan travel arrangements is a growing issue with North American medical tourists setting out for Asia for everything from dental work to breast implants to cardiac surgery. Long waiting times and lack of availability has stippled the canadian medical consumer’s ability to get treated and are seeking alternative medical treatment in developing countries with medical facilities of western standard, or of standards that exceed the western norm. Often, Tourists are surprised to find brand new facilities and equipment as hospitals and medical tourism hubs around the world join in the fierce competition for this fast growing market.

Although price is the usually the major factor that first leads patients to look overseas for health care, except in countries with free healthcare like Canada, there are a number of other benefits that often escape notice such as higher skilled surgeons, better equipped hospitals, better availability of surgery, and lower waiting times.  Medical tourism has its perils, however, and the aspiring tourist should be familiar with possible problems and have a good idea about which hub is right for them long before planning the details of a trip.

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Good Looks Can Be Rewarding

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Key Points:
Beauty comes with extra perks -prettier people earn more money, find higher-earning and hotter spouses, even get better mortgage deals- it may be because they develop higher self-esteem early on in life. Ever heard the saying ‘not everything in life is fair’, well the reality is that IT PAYS TO BE PRETTY! Tall men take home the bigger paychecks while women who cake-on the make-up are perceived as the most competent.

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